What is Venture Building?

In many cases, a startup’s ability to create value may be enhanced by a corporation’s assets (e.g. know-how, access to markets, capital). Corporations have plentiful resources, but their internal teams lack the agility to respond to digital disruption. Through Venture Building, corporations leverage their resources and capabilities to create new businesses.

A Venture Builder focuses on multiple companies per year, following a repetitive process that leverages an infrastructure of resources, multi-disciplinary team members, and proven methods. Venture Builders help its companies raise capital, attract talent, design business models, run marketing efforts, conduct product development, among other.

Let's build. Together.

We work with the region’s leading corporations to develop, launch, and scale new companies.

Our services begins by identifying, from global sources and internal workshops, high-potential business ideas considering the company’s core capabilities, available resources, and objectives. High-potential business ideas are repeatedly iterated and filtered with users feedback. Subsequently, we develop a business model for each selected business idea, which includes strategies for marketing and sales, product development, and economic forecasts. In parallel, we identify and engage top regional talent including entrepreneurs, designers, and programmers, who, together with Ataria, will lead launching and scaling.

Timeframe: 6-8 months (1st MVP with traction) & ongoing building effort